CCM Team on 05/18/2020

Do You Know What Spiritual Gifts You Have?

by Lee Ann ManciniNo matter how old we are, we need to be aware of our spiritual gifts so that we can do our utmost to help others for the sake of the Kingdom of God! How can you help others? Do you know what your spiritual gift is? Does your child know what gifts they have? I am an Adjunct Professo

  CCM Team
CCM Team on 04/22/2020

College Parent Math Problem: How Does Hookup Culture = Sexual Assault?

by Dr. Joe MaloneApril is Sexual Assault Awareness month and relatedly, the social climate and hookup culture on college campuses is a mess these days. Although coronavirus has disrupted society for a moment, this is a problem parents of present and future college students must understand. The misgu

  CCM Team
CCM Team on 04/18/2020

Suddenly Homeschooled: How the COVID-19 Crisis Can Mean the Best School Year Ever

by Dr. Kathryn KnightWelcome to the exciting adventure called homeschool. Three weeks ago, you probably had no idea you’d ever homeschool but now you’re a “Suddenly Homeschooler”.Suddenly homeschooledCongratulations! Homeschool is a journey that parents and children take together. Use this time. Do

  CCM Team
CCM Team on 04/10/2020

The Future of Christian Films and Advice from the Experts

by Kirstin LeighChristian films not only edify, but they counter the messages coming out of Hollywood. However, Christian films do not just happen by themselves.Recently, I had the privilege of attending the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) convention in Nashville, Tennessee. This four-day even

  CCM Team
CCM Team on 04/04/2020

Corrupt Media: How Can You Protect Your Child from Becoming Self-Centered?

by Lee Ann ManciniOur morally corrupt media has the ability to influence both children as well as adults in alarming ways.Corrupt media influenceEvery day, television programs bombard us with the false narrative that we should learn to love ourselves before loving others. At times, self-centeredness

  CCM Team
CCM Team on 04/01/2020

Hidden Danger in the Underworlds of Manga and Anime

by Gina McAndrewThe hidden danger of Manga and Anime is brought to light by peeling away the top layer, revealing a world of pornography designed to entice your children!Not in my classI don’t allow Manga (or it’s animated version, Anime) in my art room. Period. And when parents ask me why I don’t m

  CCM Team
Trudi Griffin on 03/28/2020

To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool: Make That the Question

by Trudi GriffinMost families cannot homeschool their kids and thus rely on the public school system to educate their children. However, as more public school systems embrace a socially liberal agenda contrary to Christian values, perhaps now is a good time to consider options for the future.Learn f

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 03/25/2020

Free play! How to Make Your Kids Smart the Easy Way

by Trudi GriffinFirst schools banished free play, and now parents stress themselves out to make sure kids’ days are scheduled to the max. The pressure is on for kids to become smarter, more agile, and as diversely talented as possible. But parents, what if you could do all that by stepping back?Free

  Trudi Griffin
CCM Team on 03/21/2020

Can a Two-Year-Old Be Taught Biblical Truths?

by Lee Ann ManciniIt can be a challenge teaching a self-centered two-year-old concepts that are necessary for day to day life, such as learning to use the toilet, or not biting their brother or sister. Likewise, it can be hard to teach them biblical truths that cannot be tangibly grasped. However, G

  CCM Team
Trudi Griffin on 03/18/2020

Celebrating Counter Culture Mom of the Month: Animo Cards Creator Theresa Wegner

Counter Culture Mom celebrates Mom of the Month, Animo Cards game creator Theresa Wegner. As her kids’ obsession with trading card games became more prominent, Theresa started thinking about how that medium could be used to glorify God. May her story inspire you!Tina’s interview with Theresa will be

  Trudi Griffin
CCM Team on 03/07/2020

The Truth About Dangerous Binge Drinking is Life Threatening

Drinking, especially dangerous binge drinking is all over pop culture which portrays it as trendy and fun. However, the dangers are very real. As a parent, you do all that you can to raise your children, teach them right from wrong, and to not cave to peer pressure.contributing writer ~ anonymousMy

  CCM Team
CCM Team on 02/29/2020

Gender Dysphoria – Are Children Born Male and Female?

by Lee Ann ManciniIn today’s society, gender dysphoria implies that gender lines are blurred—or worse, intentionally changed. In growing numbers, parents are allowing their underage children to decide what their gender is or should be. Dr. Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D. addresses this alarming trend in hi

  CCM Team
Trudi Griffin on 02/27/2020

Celebrating Counter Culture Mom of the Month: Jessica Vande Walle

Counter Culture Mom celebrates Mom of the Month, Jessica Vande Walle. When her child’s school started displaying pro-LGBTQ flags in eighth-grade classrooms, she did something about it. May her story inspire you!In an interview with Tina, here’s what Jessica had to say.Tina: What happened in your com

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 02/26/2020

Birding Bonanza – How Nature Power Boosts Kids Well-Being

by Trudi GriffinCelebrate the birding bonanza by starting a new outdoor activity during National Bird Feeding Month. Get your kids outside, or at least looking outside for those in colder climes. You’ll not only give your kids an expanded appreciation of God’s creation, but it’s also good for their

  Trudi Griffin
CCM Team on 02/22/2020

Social Media: A Platform that Enables Hate Through Anonymity

by Suzanne BadgerSocial media enables hate and new research, as highlighted in this CBS News broadcast, shows how harmful social media can be. The harm not only hurts kids and teens, but also adults because it changes the way we think about ourselves and talk to each other.The band Sidewalk Prophets

  CCM Team
Trudi Griffin on 02/21/2020

Prevent Teen Dating Violence with Increased Awareness

February is Teen Dating Violence awareness month. Statistics from FaithTrust Institute state that 9.4% of high school students report some form of physical abuse from a boyfriend or girlfriend in the past year. More comprehensive stats show that “1 in 3 adolescents in the U.S. is a victim of physica

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 02/15/2020

Empowering Kids With Opportunities to be Creative

Can empowering kids glorify God through creativity? Or is creativity just an enrichment exercise for those who have too much time on their hands?contributing writer ~ Gina McAndrewSadly, our children and teens are being bombarded with imagery that is damaging to their wellbeing and their very souls.

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 02/12/2020

Expressing Love This Valentine’s Day

Friday is Valentine’s Day, a day devoted to expressing love to those we hold dear. Share the love, but keep something in mind. Expressing love – true love – goes beyond conversation hearts, sappy cards, and sparkly gifts. The Bible, especially The Message translation, clearly defines real love, in 1

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 02/08/2020

Horrible Hookup History and How to Save “the Date”

Over the last 100 years, dating has been going extinct due to the proliferation of the horrible hookup culture. Time to do something about it!contributing writer ~ Dr. Joe MaloneAs we approach Valentine’s Day do you ever look back with fond memories on your romantic teens and early 20s? Things sure

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 02/05/2020

Increase Your Child’s Internet Safety With Bark App

How much time do you have to monitor the online activity of your child? How do you do it when you have more than one child? Can you keep up with the new technology and even the language kids use online? Increase your children’s internet safety with Bark.While technology adds connection and quick acc

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 02/01/2020

The Truth About Fandoms in the Realm of Escapism

The truth about fandoms reveals the deception and idolatry at work in fan culture. This is part one of a series that will reveal the truth about fandoms, fanfiction, and bondage in the realm of escapism.contributing writer ~ Abbie AdkersonWhat’s a fandom?As early as 1903, the word fandom has been us

  Trudi Griffin