Trudi Griffin on 02/15/2020

Empowering Kids With Opportunities to be Creative

Can empowering kids glorify God through creativity? Or is creativity just an enrichment exercise for those who have too much time on their hands?contributing writer ~ Gina McAndrewSadly, our children and teens are being bombarded with imagery that is damaging to their wellbeing and their very souls.

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 02/12/2020

Expressing Love This Valentine’s Day

Friday is Valentine’s Day, a day devoted to expressing love to those we hold dear. Share the love, but keep something in mind. Expressing love – true love – goes beyond conversation hearts, sappy cards, and sparkly gifts. The Bible, especially The Message translation, clearly defines real love, in 1

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 02/08/2020

Horrible Hookup History and How to Save “the Date”

Over the last 100 years, dating has been going extinct due to the proliferation of the horrible hookup culture. Time to do something about it!contributing writer ~ Dr. Joe MaloneAs we approach Valentine’s Day do you ever look back with fond memories on your romantic teens and early 20s? Things sure

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 02/05/2020

Increase Your Child’s Internet Safety With Bark App

How much time do you have to monitor the online activity of your child? How do you do it when you have more than one child? Can you keep up with the new technology and even the language kids use online? Increase your children’s internet safety with Bark.While technology adds connection and quick acc

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 02/01/2020

The Truth About Fandoms in the Realm of Escapism

The truth about fandoms reveals the deception and idolatry at work in fan culture. This is part one of a series that will reveal the truth about fandoms, fanfiction, and bondage in the realm of escapism.contributing writer ~ Abbie AdkersonWhat’s a fandom?As early as 1903, the word fandom has been us

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 01/29/2020

Human Slavery Spotlight to Increase Awareness and Stop Sex Trafficking

Trafficking is modern human slavery. One person, or group of people, holds someone captive and exploits them for profit. While much of the trafficking industry in the United States focuses on sex trafficking, there are multiple forms of modern slavery.January is human trafficking awareness month and

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 01/25/2020

How to Check for Decoy Apps

As parents get wise about dangers online, app designers create more ways for people to hide naughty behavior. Decoy apps seem harmless, but the true purpose of the app is to hide things.contributing writer ~ Ashley WhiteThere’s a thriving market for what are known as “ghost apps” – AKA vault apps or

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 01/22/2020

Save a Teen’s Life During National Mentoring Month

Whether you have children of your own or not, find a teen who is not your child and stand with them. You can save a teen’s life. Be a Christian mentor. Standing alongside a teenager can provide them with a much-needed positive adult relationship to help them discover their inner potential.January is

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 01/18/2020

Startling Bad Lyrics in Top Songs Exploit Negativity

As a metal-head child of the ’80s, I grew up angry with the Parents Music Resource Center condemning the lyrics of my favorite music including Def Leppard, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Motley Crue. At the risk of sounding like an old bitty overcatastrophizing about the state of pop music today, I feel

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 01/15/2020

Introducing New Team Member – Mental Health Expert on Fire for Jesus

Believer and mental health expert joins the team at Counter Culture Mom. Trudi Griffin shares her story and her passion for the ministry.Hello everyone and happy new year! As Tina mentioned in her 2019 Review, Counter Culture Mom is poised for a banner decade. I’ve known and respected Tina for many

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 01/10/2020

New Messiah Netflix Show is Loaded With Deception

Based on prerelease reviews and the people involved in its making, this series could be compelling. But it’s not. As a fan of Christian media as well as spy-thriller suspense like Tom Clancy adaptations, this writer is not impressed by Netflix’s “Messiah.”If you choose to watch this series, do so wi

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 12/30/2019

Top 10 Unsafe Apps for Kids

Software and apps change daily, making it difficult for parents to keep track of what is safe and what is not. While many of these apps have positive aspects to them, this article highlights the top 10 unsafe apps for kids and why they are unsafe.contributing writer ~ Suzanne BadgerThe following lis

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 12/28/2019

How to Protect Kids from Unsafe Internet Content

Armed with awareness about what kids can access from a smartphone, this article continues the tech series by giving parents practical tips about how to protect kids from unsafe internet content.contributing writer ~ Suzanne Badger“My dad had a Playboy left out at age 5, and it’s affected almost ever

  Trudi Griffin
Tina Marie Griffin on 12/28/2019

There is Power in Numbers. STAND WITH US!

THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS!I try not to pound out the fundraising aspect of the ministry more than a couple times a year… if that. Our team created a budget that we need for 2020 not only to sustain what we have been doing but to include upcoming expenses for the killer projects that will benefit you

  Tina Marie Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 12/26/2019

Increase Online Safety in a Tech-Savvy World

Kids know and access tech everywhere. Increase online safety and awareness about what kids can access even if you monitor devices.contributing writer ~ Suzanne BadgerParents need to do more to increase online safety. What if I told you that everything from test/exam answers, mainstream pornography,

  Trudi Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 12/18/2019

Teen-Approved Holiday Movies to Watch Worry Free

Counter Culture Teens chime in with their list of teen-approved holiday movies. So grab your hot cocoa with marshmallows and gingerbread, a comfy blanket, family, and friends and prepare for binge-worthy Christmas movie magic!contributing writer ~Kay BurmeisterMy favorite Christmas movie of all time

  Trudi Griffin
Tina Marie Griffin on 12/11/2019

America’s Hidden Strength: My “One and Only” (O.A.O.)

The greatest generation valued marriage and commitment which is America’s hidden strength majorly lacking in today’s generation. Know how to get it back.contributing writer ~ Dr. Joe MaloneThis is a friendly message to the Millennials and Gen Z as we remember another Pearl Harbor day. How will your

  Tina Marie Griffin
Trudi Griffin on 11/14/2019

Social Media Dangerous for Youth: Avoid Being a Target

Millions of kids are online. Read this so your kids are not a target for pedophiles and personal info isn’t shared with the masses.contributing writer ~ Trudi GriffinAs noted in the Beloit College Mindset List, the teens who entered college in 2019 grew up with social media as a prominent method of

  Trudi Griffin
Tina Marie Griffin on 10/23/2019

Benefits of Teaching Your Kids To Do Chores

There are many benefits in teaching your kids to do chores. Not only does it help lighten your load, but kids learn responsibility and fine motor skills.contributing writer ~ Marie Carla MataAs a parent, you can’t help but feel proud when your kid exceeds expectations. For instance, many people assu

  Tina Marie Griffin
Tina Marie Griffin on 10/03/2019

SEX WEEK Brings More Despair and Disease

All parents need to be aware of Sex Week which happens on many college campuses from coast to coast. The information your kids are getting could create a life-time of regrets.contributing writer ~ Dr. Joe MaloneHave you ever heard of Sex Week? If not, you are probably one of many. Are you the parent

  Tina Marie Griffin
Tina Marie Griffin on 09/15/2019

Popular Netflix Series Endorses Cussing, Rebellion, and Seduction

Are your kids asking to watch Stranger Things on Netflix and you’re not sure if it’s something you want them to see? Check out this quick review to find out what season 3 entails.contributing writer ~ Erin BevinsWhile Stranger Things season three does not push a liberal/openly immoral agenda, it’s q

  Tina Marie Griffin