Mona Corwin on 08/16/2019

Home-School or Public School Which is Wisdom?

Home-school or Public-school. Just say those words to a group of moms and you can be sure there will be plenty of discussion and debate.As a mom you make lots of choices for your kids. And where they will go to school is one of the biggest. There are lots of points that make sense on both sides of t

  Mona Corwin
Mona Corwin on 08/09/2019

Our Wedding Was a Disaster!

How was your wedding day? Dreaming? Or a Disappointing? Every girl dreams of the day she gets to wear the pretty dress and kiss the man of those dreams.And then the day comes. Did yours live up to your dreams?Mine didn’t. Our wedding day was awful. Everything from bad photographer, dead flowers, fam

  Mona Corwin
Mona Corwin on 07/25/2019

3 Steps To Crush Motherhood Instead of Motherhood Crushing You

3 Steps To Crush Motherhood Instead of Motherhood Crushing YouAs I coach moms there is one line that keeps showing up in everyones story.It is this- Moms want to succeed in their families. Nobody wants to mess up their kids, and nobody wants their marriage to fail. And nobody wants to lose themselve

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Mona Corwin on 06/13/2019

Getting to the Heart of Discipling Kids

Getting to the Heart of Discipling KidsDo you ever think to yourself “Why do my kids act so bad?Do you ever wish they would just stop acting up and really don’t care why?In parenting we can have the tendency to just want bad behavior to just stop! While that will give you some headway, the heart of

  Mona Corwin
Mona Corwin on 05/31/2019

Self-Care Essentials That Work

Get lasting peace, calm and serenity in your mom lifeSelf-care is not about pushing the mess called life to the side while I get a minute of pleasure before I head back to the crazy life. I believe there are 4 lies moms believe about self-care. Lies that when believed and followed through on just br

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Mona Corwin on 05/24/2019

Family Success Starts With Vision- Got One?

Family Success Starts With Vision- Got One?If you were to start a college degree or business venue one of the things you would be asked is “what is the vision you have for this?”Everyone loves to talk about 5 year plans that make visions happen.You too might have a vision for your own career, kitche

  Mona Corwin
Mona Corwin on 05/05/2019

Hey Mom, Want To Dream Wild & Beautiful Things Again?

Hey Mom, Want To Dream Wild & Beautiful Things Again?There is a sad scenario that I see a lot in mom’s today. They have stopped dreaming during their season of mothering. There is a huge lie that many of the moms are believing.“Motherhood is a season so set aside who you are and what you love and wh

  Mona Corwin
Mona Corwin on 04/20/2019

Finally! End the Social Media Comparison Trap

Finally! End the Social Media Comparison TrapAt one point or another social media scrolling has gotten us all into a mess. We want to see all the things everyone post yet that pesky old comparison bug pops up as much as todays newest post. Don’t you just want to put an end to the comparison trap?If

  Mona Corwin
Mona Corwin on 03/02/2019

How to Fight in the Marriage Ring

How to Fight in the Marriage RingIn a marriage there will be bickering, disagreements, arguing, or whatever name you use. Whether you go 1 round or all 10 it’s important that when you enter the ring of a fight, you do so with effective strategy. Healthy fighting takes skills. After 40 years of marri

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Mona Corwin on 02/15/2019

Don’t Lose at Marriage- 3 RedHot Game Winning Secrets

3 Red-Hot Secrets for Winning in MarriageWhen people ask us what our secret is to being married for 40 years and still have a red-hot love, we just look at each other as if we are secretly asking each other “Should we tell?”Not that we don’t want to help, we do. We just wonder if anyone would belie

  Mona Corwin
Mona Corwin on 02/09/2019

Why I Had To Learn To Pray

Why I Had To Learn To Pray31 Days of Passion Filled Prayers for the Man I Love We can get so busy in our mom lives that we can forget that our men face different challenges and struggles in their lives too.Life can be hard and the enemy doesn’t let anyone off. Our men are under attack as much as we

  Mona Corwin
Mona Corwin on 02/01/2019

Lost Yourself In Your MomLife? Find it Again!

Lost Yourself in Your MomLife? Find it Again!Wonder where the you of you got up and went?Do you feel like your own personal dreams and goals are gone?Do you sometimes, even kinda little, feel like your husband doesn’t give up as much as you’ve had to being a mom?If you answer yes to any of these you

  Mona Corwin
Mona Corwin on 01/27/2019

Does Your Worship Do This?

Does Your Worship Do This?“Worship is the activity of the human soul.” Lou GigiloHands up, Head down, High praise or Face to the floor worship is much more to do then what we do with our bodies.Jesus said, “ The hour is coming and is now here when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spiri

  Mona Corwin
Mona Corwin on 01/19/2019

MomsLikeUs-We Pray and the Enemy Runs!

7 Essential Truths to Pray Into Your Childs LifeOne of the your most important roles as a wife and mother is to prayer for them. Yet it seems like the last thing you have time for right? Yep I get it. Let me help with Seven essential truths that you can pray into your child’s life starting today.Bec

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Mona Corwin on 01/12/2019

A Personal Confession I want you to know

Confession. I feel like I need to share something about me with you. I hope it will encourage you in your walk.It’s this: I was a believer for a long time before I knew God and Jesus very well. I mean I knew them and yes my salvation was secure but I didn’t really know know them.You know the kind of

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Mona Corwin on 01/04/2019

Moms Like Us Do Things Like This

Moms Like Us Do Things Like ThisIt’s the time of year for new starts and resets. It’s a fresh time of year. So much promise for new beginnings and dreams.But before you start your new resolutions for this year may I ask some bold questions?How was your time with Jesus and studying His word in 2018?A

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Mona Corwin on 12/21/2018

Avoid Gift Disappointment

You might have had this moment… He hands you your gift, you open it and with a stunned smile you think “what made him think I wanted THIS?” You my friend have entered the gift disappointment wasteland.A wasteland? Really Mona isn’t that a bit dramatic? Actually no. Number 1 it is a waste of time, mo

  Mona Corwin
Mona Corwin on 12/14/2018

The #1 Secret BaHumbug Remover

I just love when science catches up with the Bible and God’s design. Researchers are now reporting “new” information on happiness and its secret will remove the BaHumbug in your life.It’s called smiling. Ha. I know your thinking, no biggie Mona we already know smiling is good. But hear me out.The re

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Mona Corwin on 12/06/2018

Don’t Avoid This When Buying Presents This Christmas

The tree is up. The budget is set. And the calendar is in place.I feel so prepared. How about you?If not there is still time to get you on track to the best Christmas ever. Download the FREE “Bye Bye Cray Cray Christmas-Hello Affordable Fun Best Christmas Ever Planner right now! Then go watch the ot

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Mona Corwin on 12/02/2018

Teaching Kids Generosity During Christmas

Hey Lil Mumma,Teaching your kids generosity can be a challenge especially at Christmas. Tackling the selfish monster in their little hearts is hard. Everyone is asking them what they want and what Santa is bringing them. The television is happy to help with all the commercials that say “This is the

  Mona Corwin
Mona Corwin on 11/19/2018

Want The Best Christmas Ever? I Got the System!

Have you said it yet?You know the November phrase of hope and excitement?“Christmas is coming and I’m gonna make it THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!”Yep. But then reality hits and the whirlwind begins. The hope and excitement gets flipped to fast to frazzled and frantic and worrying about finances.It can ha

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