Kristi Clover on 01/30/2020

SJP #83: Teaching Your Kids How To Organize with Ashlyn Clover

Teaching Your Kids How To Organize with Ashlyn CloverToday on the Simply Joyful Podcast I have a very special guest — my daughter Ashlyn! Ashlyn is helping me this week on our topic of teaching your kids how to organize! I sat down to write notes about this episode, I had the brilliant idea of havin

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 01/23/2020

SJP #82: Grumble Free Year with Tricia Goyer

Grumble Free Year with Tricia GoyerToday you get to be a fly on the wall in a conversation with my good friend, Tricia Goyer! If you have never listened to one of my other interviews with her (such as this one or this one), you are in for a treat. She is the author of over 70 books (yes, 7-0), is in

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 01/17/2020

SJP #81: Getting Organization To Stick In the New Year

Getting Organization to Stick in the New YearWe are diving into #Goals today — primarily goals that tie into home organization! Home organization is something that most of us struggle with, and once we are organized, we struggle to get our organization habits to stick. I felt this was the best time

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 01/10/2020

SJP #80: Time Management Hacks with Morgan Tyree

Time Management Hacks with Morgan TyreeI am excited for today’s episode on organization because you know my passion is helping people get organized. I wasn’t always a master organizer – read about my journey if my book Master Organizer of Mayhem. Which is why taking a whole month to discuss organiza

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 01/03/2020

SJP #078: I’m Back! Priorities When Mayhem Hits

Priorities When Mayhem HitsWelcome to the relaunch of The Simply Joyful Podcast! I know it has been a long time, and I apologize for that, but you know what? Life. I am following my own advice — and that is when push comes to shove, you’ve got to know your priorities! And it has been a wild ride her

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 01/03/2020

SJP #079: Family Devotions with Louie Giglio

Family Devotions with Louie GiglioI wanted to kick this year off with a bang, so not only did we release two episodes today, but I’m chatting with none other than Louie Giglio about family devotions and the importance of giving our kids a sense of “awe” of God. I wanted to start the year off with th

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Jenny Ervin on 12/27/2019

CLEANING UP CHRISTMAS! Post Christmas Organization

Cleaning-Up Christmas Post-Christmas OrganizationThe presents have been opened, the yummy food has been consumed, the happy smiles and afterglow are in the faces of the children…and EVERYTHING is a disaster. And let's face it, you're exhausted. Yup, we've all been there. As a mom of 5 sometimes th

  Jenny Ervin
Kristi Clover on 08/16/2019

12 Tips To Help You Organize Your Refrigerator

“Organize Your Refrigerator”….UGH! Does that phrase run a cold chill down your spine? Who wants to do that? Sometimes it's just so much easier to push things to the back of the fridge and shut the door. But we are going to conquer that! Today I wanted to share a little bit about how I organize my re

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 08/08/2019

Garage Organization and Decluttering: Kristi’s Strategies and Steps

Garage Organization. Yup, the dreaded words that can strike terror into the most diehard organizer. 😀 But, it is time. It's gonna be exciting, and it'll be a lot of work. But, I thought, why not take you guys on the journey with me?Snowball Effect That Thwarts Garage OrganizationIn our house, one of

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 07/31/2019

How to Categorize to Organize: Kristi’s Big Laundry Room Declutter

Today I'm going to walk you through how I finished up organizing our laundry room and point out a couple of little tips that I have for anyone else trying to get organized. These tips applied to any area in your house.Not just a one day project!A few weekends ago, I took the time to finish an organi

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 07/19/2019

SJP #076: Laura Vanderkam: The Power of Possibilities

The Power of PossibilitiesLaura Vanderkam is a time management expert and bestselling author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. Her new book, Juliet's School of Possibilities, is a very creative way of looking at how to prioritize. She's basically taken all of her work in the no

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 07/12/2019

SJP #075: Jessica Smartt: Becoming a Memory Making Mom

Becoming a Memory Making MomWe have lots of fun on today's episode with Jessica Smartt. We're talking about her newest book Memory Making Mom. Jessica is a former teacher, current homeschool mom, and a passion Christ-follower. As you will hear in today's episode, she is so passionate about helping m

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 07/05/2019

SJP #074: JJ Heller: Music for the Whole Family

Music for the Whole FamilyToday on the Simply Joyful Podcast we welcome back one of my favorites, JJ Heller! Today we're going to chat about JJ's newest album, I Dream of You: Volume II. It's a twelve track compilation of her favorite cover songs from the 1950s through today. It is such an amazing a

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 06/21/2019

SJP #072: Connie Albers: Parenting Teens

Parenting TeensRegardless of where you are at in your parenting journey, this is an amazing episode for you to listen in on (maybe take some notes). It has been such a joy to get to know Connie Albers over the years. She has been a great friend and a great mentor. What is beautiful about her new boo

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 06/14/2019

SJP #071: Sarita Holzmann: All About Summer Reading

All About Summer ReadingIn this episode, we'll be talking about summer reading. But not just any summer reading. Summer reading for your kids! We're going to be suggesting so many great books for your kids to read independently or fun ones for read alouds. While reading can take place at any time of

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 06/07/2019

SJP #070: Davis Carman: Teaching Our Kids God’s Truths

Teaching Our Kids God's TruthsDavis Carman is the president of Apologia Education Ministry. For those of you unfamiliar with Apologia and their amazing resources, you are in for a treat. Apologia has one of the most popular science curriculums among Christian homeschool families. If you are ever loo

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 05/31/2019

SJP #69: Jonathan Pitts: How to Experience a Poured-Out Marriage

How to Experience a Poured-Out MarriageShortly after Jonathan and Wynter Pitts celebrated fifteen years of marriage and in the midst a move from the Dallas area to Nashville, TN, Wynter's heart failed. She left Jonathan and their four daughters bewildered and heartbroken, but also hopeful.In this ep

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 05/22/2019

Laundry Hacks: How to “Sort S.M.A.R.T.”

Laundry Hacks: How to “Sort S.M.A.R.T.”How to Simplify Getting Your Laundry DoneLaundry can become an all-consuming task if we let it get the best of us! As a mom of five, laundry has kinda become my thing. It sounds funny to call it that, but when you have seven people living under one roof you are

  Kristi Clover
Kristi Clover on 05/02/2019

SJP #68: M.J. Thomas: Bringing Bible Adventures to Children’s Books

Bringing Bible Adventures to Children's BooksMike didn't set out to be an author. It wasn't until his nine-year-old son encouraged him to “write a book” for him to use for a book report that Mike toyed with the idea of writing. That was the inspiration that set everything in motion and The Secret of

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