Tina Griffin on 07/17/2018

Planet Fitness allows MAN to ogle WOMEN in locker room! Cancel your membership NOW!

This is one of those news stories that makes my blood boil! Several days ago, a woman using a Florida Planet Fitness locker room saw a man (who said he was a woman) naked in the women's locker room STARING at other women coming out of the showers. She told him politely to leave and he said he had the RIGHT to be in that locker room. After waiting an hour for him to apply his make up, she then used the locker room. When they both left the building, HE called the cops saying SHE was harassing him. The 911 dispatcher referred to HIM as HE.

  Tina Griffin
Tina Griffin on 05/10/2018

Disney World Ditches Christian Music Festival! Call In!

Call Disney and tell them to bring back Night of Joy event! Alright. Enough is Enough! Many families love going to Disney World and Disney Land for vacation. When I was growing up I loved anything Disney and my kids love Disney. We knew this was coming...

  Tina Griffin
Tina Griffin on 02/07/2018

Contact TBS now to get The Detour off the air!

TBS's raunchy comedy The Detour promotes teen sexual activity and "non-binary" gender roles for our kids. Like they aren't confused enough! This show makes me want to barf, not laugh.

  Tina Griffin
Tina Griffin on 02/06/2018

Sign Scholastic Petition now!

Tell Scholastic Inc. to STOP Marketing Transgender Picture Books for our Children!

  Tina Griffin