Speak UP

Disney World Ditches Christian Music Festival! Call In!

Written on 05/10/2018
Tina Griffin

Alright. Enough is Enough! Many families love going to Disney World and Disney Land for vacation. When I was growing up I loved anything Disney and my kids love Disney. We knew this was coming...

Disney movies are now pushing the LGBT lifestyle through movies like Beauty and the Beast and a recent episode on Doc McStuffins. They have also hosted the Gay Days since 1991 which is on the first Saturday of June, where thousands of people come to support the now largest gay pride event in the world.

In the last week, Disney annouced it will NO LONGER hold the Night of Joy event which showcases Christian music artists. I believe this is a wrong move by Disney, seeing many of their patrons are Christian. Please call Disney NOW and enourage them to bring back Night of Joy or you will not be supporting Disney with your dollars.

If we all made a call, we CAN and WILL make a difference! Call Disney customer service here: (407) 939-5277