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Planet Fitness allows MAN to ogle WOMEN in locker room! Cancel your membership NOW!

Written on 07/17/2018
Tina Griffin


This is one of those news stories that makes my blood boil! Several days ago, a woman using a Florida Planet Fitness locker room saw a man (who said he was a woman) naked in the women's locker room STARING at other women coming out of the showers. She told him politely to leave and he said he had the RIGHT to be in that locker room. After waiting an hour for him to apply his make up, she then used the locker room. When they both left the building, HE called the cops saying SHE was harassing him. The 911 dispatcher referred to HIM as HE.

The management at the gym saw what was happening and did NOTHING to stop the man from oogling the women in the locker room, because headquarters stated they have a "no judgment zone" policy! This makes me furious!

Read the full story here. You will NOT believe what you are reading.


SHARE this alert far and wide by clicking on the SHARE button above this post and ENCOURAGE anyone with a PLANET FITNESS membership to CANCEL IT NOW! Sign up for a new membership at your local YMCA. I am a member there, and they would NEVER allow this to happen. Feel safe while working out and taking a shower!

You can voice your concern, by calling the Planet Fitness corporate office now @ 1-844-880-7180

If this company chooses to protect a man who wants to stalk naked women, then they do NOT derseve to have women as their customers! I want this business to go UNDER!

MORE INFO: There have been several instances like this over the years. Here's an excerpt from another similar incident.

Back in 2015, 48-year-old Yvette Cormier freaked out about seeing a man in the woman’s locker room, as any woman would. When she alerted the front desk about what she’d seen, she was told that the person identified as a woman and was, thus, allowed to use the female locker room.

Cormier was anything but satisfied with the response (or lack thereof) so she took it one step further and took her grievance to the fitness center’s corporate office and was told that Planet Fitness was a “no judgement zone.” They confirmed that the company would allow the cross-sexual individual to continue using the locker room. 

To read more on this story click here.



The 1.4 star rating below tells me that this company doesn't care AT ALL about the safety of it's customers!