America's Top Mom Mentor Explains How to Live the Unrivaled Life! (Ep 11)

Posted on 06/22/2017

Today on HOLLYWOOD INSIDER with Tina Marie we have guest Mona Corwin - America’s top Mom Mentor, author, speaker, blogger and Life Coach.

Episode ELEVEN - How fried and frustrated moms can find their balance again and live their own UnRivaled MomLife story.

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2:29 What it means to live an UnRivaled life!
4:59 Does BALANCE even exist? How can we get it?
6:41 We don’t have to pick between motherhood and career woman.
10:09 Signs to look for that tell us we are TOO BUSY and need to rearrange our schedule.
14:37 Moms MUST schedule. Mona has a GREAT planner to help us stay on target with daily tasks.
18:10 How Mona became America’s top Mom Mentor
21:39 Why moms don’t know how to do the basics.
27:32 What issues do you have today being a mom? Post below the video!
28:27 The topics that Mona mentors moms on the most.
34:15 The importance of having a specific time to talk with your spouse daily.
38:15 UnRivaled MomLife Calendar. Schedule a to do list with your man ahead of time.
44:20 Weekly Date Night is a MUST with your spouse.
46:16 What couples can do if they are on the brink of divorce.
49:37 What you can do if your spouse is NOT following the Lord?
55:59 How we can teach our kids to be respectful and learn to be responsible.
1:04:34 Why moms lose their identity once they get married and have kids.
1:08:04 The top issues moms ask Mona for advice on.
1:12:40 MOPS International, local moms groups and mom night out is a MUST for every mom!
1:14:14 Important to have play dates with other moms and their kids and other tips.
1:20:45 What moms should do if they need help.
1:22:49 Examples of women who were helped by Mona Corwin the Mom Mentor.
1:26:48 Mona’s mom mentorship program details. Mom Academy being designed. Block scheduling, etc.
1:27:58 Connect with Mona’s Facebook page and her mom mentoring community.
1:28:47 Text ABCwoman to the number 44222 to get Mona’s free poem and her weekly newsletter.
1:31:15 Mona’s future plans. Speaking more, working on several courses for her Mom Academy.
1:32:21 Mona’s last words of encouragement to fried and frustrated moms who need refreshment.
1:35:38 Challenge of the week: find a solid mentor who can help you grow in your role as a wife and mother.
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