Join Us at the Mom's March for America Event! (Ep 20)

Posted on 08/29/2017

Hollywood Insider - Episode 20: Kimberly Fletcher, Executive Director of Mom’s March for America joins us. Find out how we as MOMS can UNITE and work together to get our country back on track! If your voice wasn't heard at the women's march (worldwide protest) earlier this year, it will be now!

PLEASE SHARE this video! We want as many moms as possible at this event or tune in live from their homes. Thanks for helping us spread the word!


3:16 The mission for Moms March for America. The why and how.
7:10 Why Kimberly believes that RIGHT NOW is the best time for doing the Women’s March.
9:46 When and where the Moms March for America will be taking place.
11:28 How Moms can tune in live from their homes if they can’t physically make it to the event.
12:34 All the speakers that will be at the event and the topics that will be addressed.
14:33 How Kimberly went from God’s vision to making it happen in real life.
18:12 Ticket prices. VERY reasonable!
19:11 Kimberly’s prayerful outcome after the event concludes.
22:35 What we can do to help Kimberly promote this event.
24:16 Quick simple steps to sign the DECLARATION OF MOTHERS.
24:52 Kimberly shares about the new women’s speakers bureau she is starting.
28:00 How moms can tune in the day of the event to watch the live feed online.
28:43 How we as mothers can use our gifts to create change in our culture on a daily basis.
32:57 Moms are afraid to speak up because they don’t want others to think they are haters. Kimberly’s advice on this.
36:38 How we can give financially to the Moms March of America.
38:52 Where people can go to volunteer for the event itself.
41:58 Challenge of the week. SHARE about this event and SHARE this video!
42:41 How to connect with The Counter Culture Mom.
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